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Wood Sorrel or Yellow Oxalis

Oklahoma Weed: Wood Sorrel or Yellow Oxalis

Weed group: Summer annual Characteristics: Reproduces and spreads by seed. It’s leaves will close in the heat of the day.   Small yellow flowers with heart shaped leaves. The roots are long and slender with rhyzones. Grows vigorously in weak grass. Oxalis is very common not only in lawns, but flower beds and green houses. It […]


Oklahoma Weed: Spurge

Weed group: Summer annual Characteristics: Reproduces by seed in early spring. Leaves have a red blotch of color in the center. When cut, oozes a milky substance and is often confused with Knotweed. Has a very deep growing taproot which allows it to survive and thrive in hot dry compacted soil. Heavy seeder. Flowers are […]


Oklahoma Weed: Purslane

  Weed group: Summer annual Characteristics: Purselane and Spurge often grow together. Purselane however, will have tiny 5 petal yellow flowers and about 3 weeds before it begins to seed. Its red stems and alternating leaves are a bit more fleshy than Spurge. It forms a dense mat over your grass, killing it. Heavy seeder. […]


Oklahoma Weed: Knotweed

Weed group: summer annual Characteristics: Low growing summer annual which appears in early spring. Unusually, found it growing out of concrete cracks or out in sports fields. The thick branching stems often grow to 2 feet diameter or larger, forming a thick mat. It loves hard compacted soil with little moisture. Survives very hot summers […]


Oklahoma Weed: Henbit

  Weed group: Winter Annual Characteristics: A member of the mint family that does well in fertile moist soil. The seeds germinate in the fall. Successfully overwintering, henbit will begin to produce tubular purple flowers in the spring. If you look closing at the stems you will see that the hairs are pointed downward. The […]


Oklahoma Weed: Dandelion

Weed group: Broad leaf Simple perennial Characteristics: They have a long tap root that will allow them to survive the winter and regrow in spring, or any time you pull them and do not get all of the root. The bright yellow flowers turn into puff balls of seeds which will be carried by the […]


Oklahoma Weed: Crab Grass

    Weed group: Warm season annual grass Characteristics: Sproutsfrom seed as temperature warms throughout the spring and summer. Dies back down after the first frost.Thrives in moist areas with plenty of sunlight. Invades thin lawns, often along edges and curbs. How To Control •  Cultural: Best preventer is to keep your lawn thick and […]


Oklahoma Weed: Nut Grass (Sedge)

Weed group: Grass Like Perennial Weed Characteristics: looks ugly because it grows faster than your lawn and really sticks out. Waxy appearance with a yellow to yellow green coloration. Stands upright because it has a triangular stem. Produces a seed head and tubers or nutletts on its rhizomes underground. Control: Cultural: thrives in wet areas […]