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Sweet Corn Harvest

When Should I Harvest Corn?

When should I harvest or pick the corn?   The appearance of the unhusked ears provide little information of the optimum time to harvest. Everyone has their way of telling if the corn is ready. 1.  Some look at the silks as an indicator of when not to harvest, harvesting only when the silks are dry […]


Is It Possible To Grow Corn In Containers?

  After eating Eugester’s sweet corn from Wisconsin,  not just any sweet corn will do!  Living in suburbia, in a postage stamp sized yard, the lack of space pretty much eliminated the possibility of planting corn.   You might imagine my surprise upon stumbling across a sweet corn that will grow in containers!   Is that possible? It is […]

Sweet Corn Silk

Sweet Corn Tassle & Silk

You will notice one day that your corn will look like this….  the first photo shows the corn tassle.  It is a good surprise! Corn is monoecious,  which means that there are both male and female flowers on each corn plant.  In some monoecious plants the male and female parts are located in a single flower.   In […]


Red Dirt Gardening Calendar For November

As the Oklahoma weather cools and winter approaches my yard and garden are dominated by the deep crimson of the Japanese maples and the fiery reds of the dwarf Firepower Nandinas, who until now have been green.  Yellow and orange leaves of the trees now fall upon the yard as the deep greens and blues […]


October’s Oklahoma Red Dirt Gardening Calendar

Oklahoma Fall brings not only cooler weather for working in the garden but the OU Texas football game,  Hook’em Horns! Now, back to  Oklahoma Red Dirt Gardening chores for October.    Plant   Cool season grasses can be planted through the middle of the month. Fall is the best time to plant ryegrass, bluegrass or […]


Oklahoma Red Dirt Gardening Calendar for September

September has arrived with a mix of Oklahoma gardening temperatures and what some deem the most important event of the year, OU and OSU football!  As Oklahoma gardeners however, we also recognize the importance of September. Watch for Oklahoma’s oldest symbol, adopted in 1893, 14 years before statehood.  The dark green leaves and white berries […]


Oklahoma Red Dirt Gardening Calendar For August

  August for Oklahoma lawns and gardens can easily be summed up with one word, WATER. Plant Divide and replant any spring blooming perennials. Finish any last minute planting of fall vegetables in your Oklahoma Garden. Mums and asters Fall bulbs like amaryllis and crocus.   Fertilize Bermuda lawns if adequate moisture is available Young […]


3 Easy Steps Could Save Your Oklahoma Lawn and Garden While You Are On Vacation

Completing these 3 easy steps, before leaving on vacation, will give your Oklahoma lawn and garden a good chance of surviving an Oklahoma summer in your absence.  It is easy to forget as you plan your vacation, that your Oklahoma lawn and garden could very well experience consecutive century days, days of drying winds or […]